Private Labels


We strive to provide our customers with solutions, tailored to their needs and intentions, so that they can, in turn, respond to the market challenges and build a successful brand. In addition to our own brands, we accept OEM / ODM service for produces disposable absorbent bedsheets, as well known as a PRIVATE LABEL for our clients and brand holders. Our state-of-the-art equipment, experienced management, and executive team, as well as our long-standing organization for maintaining impeccable quality are your guarantees for the successful implementation of Your project

We can offer a product that is made entirely by your design and taste – as well as in technical parameters – absorbency, sizes, type and thickness of the textile and the polyethylene pad, as in any types of customizations that will make your product more attractive to the market, including creating your own design for the constructive elements, for example, using anti-slip material, injecting fragrances or odor-neutralizing substances. We can make custom disposable absorbent bedsheets and underpads with the following sizes:
40 cm. / 60 cm;
60 cm. / 60 cm;
60 cm / 90 cm
and 90 cm / 180 cm.
Our products are used in a wide variety of fields aimed at: Hygiene products for adults Hygienic and medical products for stocking up hospitals and health centers Hygiene products aimed at babies and children Hygienic bedding for pets